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CHEW Dog Rescue is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to rescuing abandoned dogs, dogs scheduled for euthanasia due to shelter space limitations, and other dogs who need us. We are always looking to find additional foster homes and acquire funding for other essential elements of dog rescue to allow us to help more dogs in need. CHEW (Canine Health Education and Welfare) is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization. We also promote responsible dog ownership including canine health and behavioral topics. Feel free to download CPR for Dogs and a Pet Disaster Checklist.

Since the start of CHEW as a rescue organization, we have rescued and saved 1,032 dogs in 8 years. Check our Adoption page to see all of our available dogs and for an application to adopt.

Featured Pup


This is Bruno, an 18-month old mixed breed. He came to us after being hit by a car and healed. He is a happy dog but our Vet revealed his shoulder joint didn't heal correctly and he was in constant pain. We tried pain management to help give Bruno relief but it was not doing the trick. After mulitple vet visits and consultations, removing the leg was the best option to give Bruno the best chance at a great life. This is not a decision any Rescue takes lightly. Since the operation, Bruno is doing GREAT! He has no problem getting around, plays outside with his buddy TJ, a deaf Alum CHEW Rescue, and shows great strength and stamina in getting on the couch to snuggle with his foster Dad. Bruno's foster home has goats and a horse where he loves to make the rounds with Mom when doing the daily farm chores. Bruno loves to run in the big fenced yard as he still is a young dog who missed alot of being a puppy. He is a sweet, cuddly ball of furry love who justs wants to be a dog and find his forever home. Please consider adopting him or if you can, help donate to his total medical bills of $7500.00 with follow up visits to come. All donated funds go back to the dogs as we are an all VOLUNTEER organization.



Featured Pup


Name: Gypsy
Breed: Cattle Dog/Mix

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